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Recovery in Motion Staff

Billy Gregg, Director of Admissions & Marketing

An Arizona native, Billy brings to the Recovery In Motion team over 25 years of professional experience and training. He specializes in addiction recovery, intervention, and dual diagnosis treatment for both adolescent and adult populations. He has provided leadership for programs throughout the Southwest in a variety of settings: secured high-acuity psychiatric hospitals, inpatient, outpatient, long term residential, intensive outpatient, group homes, sober livings, detox programs and family interventions. He has dedicated his life to utilizing evidenced-based models in creative and innovative ways to assist clients and families from all walks of life to achieve freedom from addiction.

“Addiction doesn’t grow in a vacuum. It affects everyone that comes in contact with the addict. That’s is why it’s called a ‘family disease’.  My goal is to make it possible for everyone in the family to grow into the miracles they are when addiction isn’t running the show.”

His personal story of recovery started after an intervention organized by 3 hometown friends that led him to recognize he had the disease of addiction and he couldn’t stop on his own.  “Checking into a rehab program at age 18, I felt terrified and alone, but quickly realized they knew me better than I knew myself.”  His story debunks the myths that say “addicts can’t stay sober after only one treatment” or “the 12 steps don’t work for young people.”  Billy’s personal recovery began in the summer of 1989 and he is grateful that his family never had to endure the many years of hellish reality that many experience.  He has enjoyed the honor to share his story at rehab programs, professional conferences, schools and churches throughout the country spreading a message of hope that it is never too early, or too late, to get help from addiction.

“All that is required for someone to ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ is be to stop digging, no matter the reason. I am privileged to be a small part when their shovel falls finally to the ground.”

Nick Jones, Operations Manager

Nick was the founder and former CEO of Old Pueblo Community Services in Tucson for eighteen years until leaving in 2013 to partner with Recovery in Motion.  He implemented program designs based on his experience working in treatment and incorporating his comprehensive experience in recovery in Los Angeles.  OPCS helped men and women coming out of prison (with drug and alcohol problems), and to help them adjust to freedom and become productive members of society.

Nick hails from Los Angeles, where he grew up. He is a Vietnam combat veteran who served in United States Army from 1968 – 1971. He migrated to Tucson in 1992 after a visit to a long-time friend living here. He met his wife Leah in Tucson in 1992 and loved the city so much he decided to stay permanently. He left Los Angeles upon completion of the Impact Program in 1991, a highly acclaimed drug and alcohol treatment center in Pasadena, California. He worked at Impact Treatment Center and Manor West Treatment Center before moving to Tucson. Nick’s claim to success is based on his experience with Impact, a long-term residential tough-love treatment program.

After leaving Old Pueblo Community Services, Nick has partnered with Recovery in Motion Treatment Center in April of 2015 in Tucson, Arizona.  Our management team has a combined 100 years’ experience in operating successful treatment centers and all are in recovery and have an intense passion to help addicts and alcoholics.

Ann Bruno, M.Ed., CADAC

Ann joined the Recovery in Motion Clinical team in December of 2015 as a therapist with a continued career interest in the treatment of addictions.  Ann’s significant area of interest in treatment is the work with the families of loved ones in addiction treatment.

“I saw all the pieces fit together in a person’s tapestry of life and how life’s roles can be altered to create not only recovery from addictions but recovery from dysfunctional patterns.  It is very rewarding to experience a families’ life come back together after experiencing much destruction.”

Ann’s experience in treatment included working as a counselor, marketing representative, program manager and owner of an outpatient treatment center.

“Recovery has been not only a professional but a personal choice that continues to bring many rewards and satisfaction.”

Tessa Jane Gabilondo, Life Coach

Tessa is in long term recovery who enjoys her job at Recovery In Motion. She has a passion to help those who suffer from this disease in the way that she was helped in her early recovery. Her life experience gives her unique insight to better assist the person coming to pursue sobriety. Her experience and training shows addiction is a family disease and has close family and children who have struggled with addiction. Thankfully, she enjoys recovery with many family members including one of her adult sons. She works in this field because so many beautiful souls helped her in her early recovery and she is grateful to give back what was given to her.