Nick Jones

Meet Our Founder

Realizing the need for affordable addiction treatment produces quality results, Nick Jones founded Recovery in Motion Treatment Center. Of course, his work in the recovery field didn’t start there. It started decades earlier when Nick founded Old Pueblo Community Services, a veterans program that he dedicated his life to for 18 years. Old Pueblo Community Services is a program that is still going strong today and is dedicated to helping veterans who are experiencing homelessness and addiction. Nick has watched many veterans enter into Old Pueblo Community Services broken and addicted, only to leave restored, renewed, and with a new place to call home.

Perhaps what makes Nick such a powerful force in the recovery field is the fact that he was once addicted to drugs and alcohol himself. Coming back from Vietnam addicted to heroin, he spent 15 years incarcerated as a result of his addiction. While incarcerated, Nick took the opportunity to get an education. Nick thankfully also was able to get himself some treatment at Impact Drug and Alcohol Center in Pasadena California.

Eventually moving to Tucson, he was able to help create Old Pueblo Community Services, and later moved on to open Recovery in Motion Treatment Center. Nick has been going strong ever since and dedicating his life to organizing and operating a program that is designed to work. Nick Jones says that the most important part of his own recovery has been giving back to others who need help. He does it each and every day through Recovery in Motion Treatment Center.