Addiction Treatment in San Diego, CA May Not Be the Best Choice for You

Addiction Treatment in San Diego, CA May Not Be the Best Choice for You

California, like any other state in the United States, has suffered from a high number of residents with alcohol and drug addiction. The effects of this addiction problem extend throughout the state, including in San Diego and its surrounding areas. But why do so many San Diego residents suffer from ongoing addiction when addiction treatment in San Diego, CA is so widely available?

There are a multitude of reasons why California residents don’t enter addiction treatment in San Diego, CA as often as they should. Those reasons include:

  • Relatively few accredited facilities available for addiction treatment in San Diego, CA
  • Close proximity of rehabs to familiar temptations and triggers of home
  • Program quality that doesn’t meet patient’s unique needs
  • Privacy and confidentiality are a concern
  • Therapies and ancillary services that patients must pay for but don’t need
  • Cost for treatment is too high
  • Individual insurance plans aren’t accepted

If you aren’t finding addiction treatment in San Diego, CA that meets your needs, consider traveling to rehab as many patients from coast-to-coast do each year. In Tucson at Recovery In Motion, you can find the affordable, long-term residential rehab you need to regain control over your life and start fresh in recovery.

Traveling to Rehab Is an Alternative to Addiction Treatment in San Diego, CA

It isn’t unusual for patients to travel for addiction treatment. In fact, more and more patients each year are specifically looking for recovery away from their home area. Getting treatment in another location is only a drive or short flight away from San Diego. Travel provides greater potential for a successful, strong start in recovery through a rehab more in tune with your personal needs.

What you may not find in addiction treatment in San Diego, CA is a choice of facilities designed for people from hardworking backgrounds, those not seeking to have a resort-style getaway or luxury services that they’ll never use. Such environments are great for some, but for those who want long-term residential treatment without so much unnecessary fluff, turning to Tucson is an excellent solution.

Recovery In Motion in Tucson provides treatment more aligned to your hard working, family-centered lifestyle. The attributes, amenities and therapies used in treatment at Recovery In Motion provide a real chance for your own recovery with the affordability you also need. Most insurance is accepted at Recovery In Motion, so this affordability provides even greater benefit when you can use your insurance.

Benefits of Recovery In Motion Not Experienced in Addiction Treatment in San Diego, CA

Recovery In Motion in Tucson is accredited, long-term, residential addiction rehab designed for hardworking people needing to gain recovery from drugs and alcohol. Recovery In Motion alleviates many of the concerns of San Diego treatment by providing space between home and rehab, until home stressors can be handled through newfound strength and sobriety.

Therapies of Recovery In Motion include:

At Recovery In Motion in Tucson, San Diego area patients gain the therapy, support, education and guidance they need to rebuild their lives in sobriety. Call Recovery In Motion now at 866-849-0901 for more information and to verify your insurance. Rooms are available right now. Don’t wait to make this call because your future is waiting.