Discovering the Seriousness of Alcohol Addiction in Los Angeles, CA

Alcohol Addiction in Los Angeles, CA Affects Millions Each YearAs someone with an alcohol addiction or the loved one of someone with a drinking problem, you are probably all too aware that alcohol abuse causes problems in every part of your everyday life. But you may not realize the same struggles are going on in households all over town, nor how many people are actually affected by alcohol addiction in Los Angeles, CA.

Alcohol Addiction in Los Angeles, CA Affects Millions Each Year

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, alcohol abuse directly affects more than two million Los Angeles, CA residents each year. But the untold story is the number of family members also affected, even those in your neighborhood and on your street. Alcohol addiction in Los Angeles, CA is a serious problem that only gets worse with each passing year.

Unfortunately, the number of people using alcohol in Los Angeles and throughout the county hasn’t decreases since at least 2005. But why does the number of people stuck in the cycle of alcohol addiction in Los Angeles, CA never change? The answer to this question likely lies in too few people getting the help they need in the local area. When they don’t find help that fits their unique personality or needs, many just don’t get treatment at all.

So why are too few people getting help for alcohol addiction in Los Angeles, CA? There are a multitude of likely reasons:

  • Few accredited facilities in the area for alcohol treatment
  • Proximity of area facilities to stressors and triggers of home
  • Program quality doesn’t meet resident wants or needs
  • Privacy and confidentiality are a concern
  • Therapies aren’t what patients want or need
  • The cost of area rehab is too high
  • Individual insurance plans aren’t accepted

If you aren’t finding the alcohol addiction treatment in Los Angeles that you need, it’s time to consider Tucson, Arizona treatment at Recovery In Motion.

Traveling to Rehab Is a Viable Alternative for Treatment of Alcohol Addiction in Los Angeles, CA

Many patients from coast-to-coast in the United States travel to rehab each year. This is because it’s rare for patients to find the best treatment fit for their needs within their local area. By traveling to rehab, patients can focus on treatment with greater engagement in the program.

When traveling to Arizona for treatment instead of entering rehab for alcohol addiction in Los Angeles, CA, patients enjoy inherent benefits of out-of-state rehab, including:

  • Quality alcohol treatment that meets their personal needs
  • Distance from stressors and triggers of home
  • Inherent privacy and confidentiality of out-of-town rehab
  • Affordability not found in L.A. area rehabs
  • Acceptance of their individual insurance plan

Recovery In Motion in Tucson, Arizona Provides a Better Fit than Los Angeles Area Treatment

For patients wanting to focus on their alcohol addiction treatment and not on fancy luxury programs, ancillary services or other costly inclusions of Los Angeles area rehabs, Recovery In Motion provides an excellent alternative for residential, long-term addiction treatment. At Recovery In Motion, patients are able to better focus on gaining recovery and less on what they don’t need or want from rehab.

At Recovery In Motion, patients gain the comprehensive therapies, education, guidance and support they need to fully recover from alcohol addiction. Call Recovery In Motion now at 866-849-0901 for more information and to verify your insurance. Don’t wait to make this call. In Tucson, rooms are available now and ready for you to start making the right choices to get past your addiction in Los Angeles.