The State Of Addiction In Tempe AZ And Where To Go For Treatment

An Alternative To Local Addiction Treatment In Tempe AZ

Drug addiction is a continuing problem throughout Arizona. Marijuana, meth, and opiate addictions plague the state, resulting in thousands of individuals being hospitalized or even dying from overdoses each year. Although some addictive substances are decreasing in use, others are increasing in use as each year passes.

If you live with Tempe AZ and you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, there are many options available to you. Due to the rise in drug use, there are many addiction treatment centers out there to help you. It’s possible that you could receive addiction treatment in Tempe AZ itself, meaning that you wouldn’t have to travel far from home to get the help you need. Keep in mind that staying close to home for addiction treatment can have some consequences though, which could lead to you relapsing.

The Problem With Entering Addiction Treatment In Tempe AZ

Living near your home during treatment means you’re also living near the places you find the most familiar. While this does mean friends and loved ones are close, it also means that where you go to buy drugs could be walking distance away from the addiction treatment center you entered. That’s not a recipe for a successful recovery.

No matter how far along in treatment you are, you’re likely to experience cravings for drugs along the way. When you’re getting addiction treatment in Tempe AZ, it’s going to be easier for you to leave the treatment center to get the drugs you feel like you need. Purposefully putting distance between the treatment center and the people you bought drugs from will make the choice to leave and purchase drugs far more difficult.

An Alternative To Local Addiction Treatment In Tempe AZ

While being too close to home during addiction treatment could make leaving easier, being much too far away from home could cause you to feel isolated from your loved ones. That isolation could lead you to use drugs, even if you’re staying at a distant addiction treatment center. Distance yourself from your familiar drug selling contacts while keeping yourself close enough to your loved ones is important during treatment and will increase your likelihood of lasting sobriety.

Traveling a little less than two hours away to Tucson AZ will provide you with the balance you need. Your loved ones will be willing to travel that distance to see you during treatment, but you’re not as likely to find someone to buy drugs from in the city unless you’re making a truly concerted effort. In the time it would take to drive back to Tempe and familiar locations, you would probably have a change of heart and return to the treatment center.

How Recovery In Motion Can Help You Through Addiction Treatment

Traveling away from addiction treatment in Tempe AZ is a good start to your recovery. The next step is entering a treatment center with medical staff and programs that are chosen to help you succeed.

At Recovery In Motion, we offer full-service treatment to each of our clients. There are different traditional and holistic programs that you can enter, including a dual-diagnosis treatment program if you are or could be dealing with psychiatric disorders alongside your problems with addiction. We can work with you beginning with your detox program and help you transition into a residential rehab, then an outpatient program, and then into life beyond the treatment center.

Thinking about addiction treatment in Tempe AZ? There are actually better options available to you. If you’re like to know more about what Recovery In Motion can provide for you or talk about the cost of treatment, call us today at 866-849-0901.