Why Arizona is a Better Option Than an Ohio Heroin Rehab Center

Why Arizona is a Better Option Than an Ohio Heroin Rehab Center

Like most states in the United States, Ohio has suffered from increased heroin use by residents in recent years. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s 2014 Behavioral Health Barometer, about 286,000 residents of Ohio use illicit drugs each year, including heroin. But only 13.9% of those received treatment for their drug abuse. Why do so many residents of Ohio fail to receive the Ohio heroin rehab treatment they clearly need?

Reasons Why Residents May Not Enter Ohio Heroin Rehab When Needed

There are a multitude of reasons why Ohio residents fail to enter rehab for the treatment they need. Some reasons why those addicted to heroin likely don’t go to an Ohio heroin rehab include:

  • Not enough accredited facilities exist in Ohio for treatment of heroin
  • Program quality isn’t parallel to patient wants or needs
  • Stressors and problems of home are too close to the rehab center for success in recovery
  • Triggers and temptations are all around the resident’s local area, keeping rehab from being an attractive option
  • Privacy and confidentiality can be an issue in areas of low population
  • Therapies aren’t the type patients need in treatment or methods are unproven
  • Cost is too high
  • Individual patients’ insurance policies are not accepted

For many patients in Ohio and throughout the United States, traveling for treatment is the best answer to their specific needs. After all, an Ohio heroin rehab isn’t the only option. Affordable, evidence-based, long-term treatment can be found in Tucson, Arizona among like-minded peers in recovery.

Why Traveling to Rehab in Arizona Makes Sense When Compared to an Ohio Heroin Rehab

As compared to an Ohio heroin rehab, treatment in Tucson makes better sense for many patients from throughout the Buckeye State. Arizona’s sunnier, warmer climate and serene surroundings provide for better introspection and focus on what matters most in rehab. Getting to treatment in Tucson is easy by plane and can benefit patient experience over rehab gained closer to home.

Entering rehab in Tucson is an answer to personal needs. Recovery In Motion is a focused rehab environment that delivers strong potential for lasting recovery through evidence-based practices and dual diagnosis treatment in an affordable residential treatment setting. Patients of Recovery In Motion are probably like you, people accustomed to working hard for what they need in life.

Traveling to Tucson for treatment doesn’t mean a vacation from life. Recovery In Motion provides the right type of therapies for optimum patient benefit, without eye-catching frills that patients rarely have time to use. Benefits of treatment at Recovery In Motion in Arizona, versus an Ohio heroin rehab, include:

  • Geographic distance from triggers and temptations of your local area
  • Greater likelihood of remaining in treatment, due to inability to easily flee during difficult moments
  • Inherent confidentiality and privacy of being out-of-state
  • Space from enablers and personal stressors of home and work
  • A fresh start in a new place
  • Warm, temperate, sunny climate in which to breathe fresh air and focus on recovery

Recovery In Motion in Tucson Offers Greater Potential of Recovery than an Ohio Heroin Rehab

Affordable long-term treatment at Recovery In Motion has benefitted many patients from all over the United States who seek a more comprehensive, accredited rehab program than their home region can offer. Licensed and certified professionals specializing in addiction treatment guide guests through a cognitive behavioral therapy model that includes a strong focus on dual diagnosis treatment and trauma therapy. Families are also highly regarded at Recovery In Motion, with family therapy and support offered throughout the rehab experience.

Rooms are available right now, so don’t wait to start gaining that freedom you need so much. Call Recovery In Motion now at 866-849-0901 to learn more about available programs and how you can gain freedom from heroin once and for all in the warmth of Tucson.