Can I Find What I Need in a Michigan Drug Treatment Center?

Can I Find What I Need in a Michigan Drug Treatment Center?

Like other states, Michigan has suffered under the increasing wave of drug addiction that has heavily affected the northeastern and midwestern United States. About 233,000 residents of Michigan use illicit drugs or admit to a substance abuse problem each year. Of those, only 17.7% received treatment in a Michigan drug treatment center in 2013, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s 2014 Behavioral Health Barometer.

More than 82% of Michigan’s residents needing rehab fail to receive treatment each year. There are a multitude of reasons why this may be the case, including:

  • Too few accredited Michigan drug treatment centers
  • Poor program quality doesn’t match resident needs
  • Close proximity to triggers and stressors of home
  • Patient privacy is a concern
  • Therapies aren’t what patients seek or need
  • Cost of Michigan programs are too high
  • Individual patient insurance policies aren’t accepted by available facilities
  • Waiting lists and overcrowding

If you’ve been unable to find a Michigan drug treatment center suited to your needs, you may need to look beyond the geography of “home” to Tucson, Arizona. In Tucson, Recovery In Motion provides hardworking Americans with the drug treatment they desperately need. This treatment is comprehensive, affordable, accessible and doesn’t add expensive amenities that patients rarely use. Treatment at Recovery In Motion focuses on what matters through long-term residential treatment among peers in recovery.

Traveling to Rehab in Tucson Is an Alternative to a Michigan Drug Treatment Center

Given the opportunity to travel to a sunnier, warmer climate for introspective treatment, most patients are eager to pack their bags for Recovery In Motion. From Michigan, an easy flight into Arizona can provide anyone with access to complete rehabilitative treatment needed for a strong chance of enduring recovery.

People from all over the country head to Tucson where services are provided by an accredited rehab offering greater affordability and therapeutic treatment than in a Michigan drug treatment center. Many patients decide to travel because local options don’t meet their personal needs. Most insurance is accepted at Recovery In Motion, so affordability is made even easier through health insurance policy support.

Benefits Gained in an Arizona Treatment Center vs. a Michigan Drug Treatment Center

When the choice is made to enter treatment at Recovery In Motion, instead of Michigan rehab, patients gain benefits that include:

  • Space and time away from triggers and temptations of their local community
  • Increased likelihood of remaining in treatment due to inability to easily “run” when treatment gets tough
  • Inherent privacy of out-of-state treatment, where no one knows patients or their families
  • Distance from enablers and stressful issues of home, so these problems can be addressed and treated through therapy
  • A fresh start toward recovery in a sunny, warm climate
  • Greater insurance acceptance
  • Affordability of the accredited, comprehensive, long-term program

Recovery In Motion Has Rooms Available Even When avMichigan Drug Treatment Center Doesn’t

Patients of Recovery In Motion reside in apartments with peers in recovery. There, patients adapt to independent living in sobriety while still under the safe support of the rehab program. They re-learn important life skills and practice using everyday coping skills toward relapse prevention before returning home and rejoining their home community.

Therapies of Recovery In Motion include:

Rooms are available now for patients eager to start fresh in Arizona, as an accredited alternative for Michigan drug treatment. If you or someone you love is ready for treatment for drug addiction, call Recovery In Motion now at 866-849-0901 for more information and to verify your insurance.