Break Away from Temptation: Avoid a Local Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Program

Break Away from Temptation: Avoid a Local Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Program

Connecticut, like other states in the United States, has long suffered from a high percentage of resident alcohol abuse. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, about 243,000 people in the state admitted abusing or being dependent on alcohol during 2013. But only 15,000 of those received treatment as they needed. There are a multitude of reasons why Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Program enrollment is lower than it should be, such as:

  • Few accredited facilities for alcohol treatment
  • Program quality doesn’t meet resident wants or needs
  • Proximity to stressors and triggers of home
  • Privacy may be a concern
  • Therapies aren’t what patients need
  • Cost is too high
  • Individual patients’ insurance isn’t accepted

If you aren’t finding the right Connecticut alcohol rehab program for your needs, it’s time to consider Tucson, Arizona treatment at Recovery In Motion.

Traveling to Rehab Is an Alternative to a Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Program

Many patients seeking alcohol and drug addiction treatment travel to rehab each year. This travel is often to a sunnier climate where patients can enjoy temperate surroundings and introspective serenity while pursuing the treatment they so desperately need. Getting to treatment in Arizona is only a few hours away from Connecticut by air. Travel opens up greater potential for successful recovery when the patient attends a rehab better suited to personal needs than a Connecticut alcohol rehab program.

For many patients, traveling to rehab in Tucson comes down to personal needs. In Tucson, they find treatment more aligned to their hardworking, family-oriented lifestyle. Recovery In Motion’s program attributes, amenities and therapies ensure a better chance of sustained recovery without the expense of services that will never be used. Most insurance is accepted at Recovery In Motion, so this affordability means even more when coupled with healthcare policy support.

Treatment Benefits in Arizona, Not Available in a Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Program

When traveling to Arizona for treatment instead of entering a Connecticut alcohol rehab program, patients enjoy inherent benefits of out-of-state rehab, including:

  • Suitable distance away from triggers, temptations and stressors of home and substance abuse in Connecticut
  • Higher likelihood of staying in treatment, instead of giving up during tough moments
  • Inherent privacy and confidentiality in being in a state where no one knows you, your past or your family
  • Time away from enablers and stressful relationships of home, so these issues can be addressed
  • The feeling of a new start in life, complete with sunny skies and warm weather

Recovery In Motion in Tucson, Arizona Provides More than a Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Program

Recovery In Motion in Tucson provides affordable long-term treatment for patients seeking more than a Connecticut alcohol rehab program can offer. Licensed and certified treatment professionals provide a multitude of therapies and programs that focus more on gaining lifelong recovery and less on providing unneeded amenities more suited for a vacation with loved ones.

At Recovery In Motion, most insurance is accepted for patient residency in apartments with peers in recovery. There, life skills are built for a stable and independent future in sobriety.

Therapies of Recovery In Motion include:

At Recovery In Motion, patients gain all of the therapy, guidance, education and support they need to complete a comprehensive program of recovery from alcohol addiction.  Rooms are available now and ready for you to make the right choice, beyond a local Connecticut alcohol rehab program. Call Recovery In Motion now at 866-849-0901 for more information and to verify your insurance.