Finding Accredited Alcohol Treatment in Washington State is Difficult

Finding Accredited Alcohol Treatment in Washington State is Difficult

Alcohol dependency is common in Washington State, where each year one out of 12 residents admit that they have an addiction or abuse alcohol. But only 9% of those who admit to a problem ever receive alcohol treatment in Washington, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  

Why are so few residents of this northwestern state getting the help they need through rehabs close to home? The answer to this question likely lies in the quality of programs available in the state. Few options for accredited alcohol treatment exist in Washington State and even fewer provide the treatment methods, therapies and amenities best suited to those seeking rehabilitation.

Why is accreditation important for programs providing alcohol treatment in Washington State?

The only means of gaining an unbiased perspective of alcohol treatment in Washington, or any state for that matter, is through accreditation by the Joint Commission or CARF. Both of these third-party, non-profit accrediting organizations are tasked with auditing rehab center performance and rating their service provision for patients. Because these organizations are objective, they are the only trusted means of knowing which programs truly do provide the excellence in addiction treatment that patients seeking lasting recovery need.

The Joint Commission and CARF have no interest in the success or failure of individual rehabs or detox facilities. They are objective panels of review that investigate the following points of service by rehabs:

Treatment methods and quality

  • Facilities
  • Patient service
  • Staff credentials
  • Patient experience

Through accreditation, a rehab providing alcohol treatment in Washington or other states are permitted to display the Joint Commission or CARF seal of accreditation on their website. This is a clear indicator to potential patients that the program provides exceptional quality for those who need recovery.

What to Do When Accredited Alcohol Treatment in Washington Isn’t the Right Choice

If you’re struggling to find accredited alcohol treatment in Washington that suits your needs, you aren’t alone. Many state residents travel to Arizona each year to gain the help they need for lasting recovery. Just because you live in Washington, you don’t have to sacrifice your chances of long-term sobriety by entering a lower quality program close to home. Instead, travel to Tucson and get the accredited rehabilitation you deserve.

Traveling to rehab offers many benefits that local rehab can’t, including:

  • Access to accredited programs
  • Greater parallel of programs to patient wants and needs
  • Space and time away from stressors and problems of home
  • Distance from local triggers and temptations
  • Inherent privacy and confidentiality of being in a different state
  • More advanced therapies through accredited programs
  • Greater affordability of programs offering more of what you seek
  • Insurance acceptance

Recovery In Motion Provides Accredited Rehab for Alcohol Treatment in Washington

Affordable long-term treatment in Tucson, Arizona at Recovery In Motion benefits patients from the Pacific Northwest and other areas of the country. By providing more comprehensive, accredited treatment for alcohol dependence than Washington offers, Recovery In Motion is cost-effective and aligned to individual patient needs.

Professionals of Recovery In Motion are licensed and certified addiction specialists, enabling treatment of patients using a cognitive behavioral therapy model. Dual diagnosis treatment is provided, along with trauma therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, family therapy, group therapy, individual counseling and holistic therapies of art, music and yoga.

Call Recovery In Motion now at 866-849-0901 to learn more about available programs and how you can free yourself from the hold alcohol has on your life. Rooms are available right now, so don’t wait.