An Arizona-based heroin addiction program can help you achieve sobriety

An Arizona-based heroin addiction program can help you achieve sobriety

If you or someone you love has become addicted to heroin, you are well aware of the addictive power of this drug. It’s so powerful, as the narcotic attaches itself to the opioid receptors in the body, immediately causing a feeling of sedation and contentment, bringing about happiness and warmth the user may not frequently experience in everyday life.

It’s often correct that a co-occurring condition such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, trauma or other mental illness entices users into heroin addiction. They use heroin for the first time and feel positive feelings they miss in daily sober life, unlike people who don’t have problems such as depression or anxiety. This self-medication soon becomes the only means of happiness or comfort in the user’s life. Heroin use takes an even stronger hold due to the body’s quick tolerance of the drug and its need for more each time it experiences the high.

The Urgency of Getting Help from a Heroin Addiction Program

Users of heroin need help from a quality heroin addiction program because the drug brings high risk of complications. Each time it’s used could be the occurrence of a fatal overdose, which is the most common killer of heroin users. It’s urgent to get heroin addiction program intervention. Heroin is ticking time bomb due to the inconsistency in purity.

Each use can vary in potency so much that even one more dose could bring death. Street providers of heroin may sell a 10% pure variety one day, then a 50% pure variety the next. Many fatal overdoses occur as a result of this inconsistency.

Heroin users never know what they are getting and how much will be too much. This means that each use is a deadly gamble—like Russian Roulette.

Getting Professional Heroin Addiction Program Treatment Is the Answer

Chances of recovery, or even survival, for a user of heroin are very slim without professional heroin addiction treatment. This care should be based in dual diagnosis treatment and evidence-based therapies, for the user to have a real chance of gaining long-term sobriety.

While many programs available to heroin users offer a chance to “sober up,” few of these truly address the underlying cause of addiction or conditions that developed during use and now need to be treated for sobriety to be possible. A dual diagnosis treatment-based program provides recovery through healthcare professionals who know how to identify what underlying conditions may have led to addiction.

Such co-occurring or underlying conditions may include:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Other mental health issues

Once these co-occurring issues are identified, they can be treated at the same time as the patient is overcoming the physical and mental hold of heroin through cognitive behavioral therapy, a 12-step program, group therapy, individual counseling and other therapies. Art, music and yoga programs help provide balance in treatment, just as loved ones can also heal through a family participation program.

Recovery In Motion Is an Affordable Heroin Addiction Program in Arizona AZ

Whether you have health insurance or need to find treatment that’s affordable with financing options, Recovery In Motion of Tucson provides dual diagnosis treatment as part of 90-day residential programs. This heroin addiction program in Arizona AZ includes:

Call Recovery in Motion now at 866-849-0901 to help you or the one you love gain long-term sobriety through healthy recovery. Your future depends on getting help before that next dose. Remember… your next high could be your last. Call us today.