Is there a local Glendale heroin rehab center that accepts insurance?

When Heroin Rehab Becomes a Necessity

Was Your Health Insurance Denied at Glendale Heroin Rehab Center?

Whether you’ve realized you need heroin rehab from an intervention, a close friend, a judge, a doctor or your own conscience, know that there is hope out there for you. You aren’t alone if you’re suffering from an addiction. Thousands of Arizona residents are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions every day.

But you can do something about your addiction. Help is available for this terrible disease. There’s hope at a professional residential rehab. Only professional addiction rehab can give you the help and support you need during this difficult time. Knowing which rehab center to choose can be a challenge, but we hope we can give you some insight here.

Has a Glendale Heroin Rehab not Been Able to Accept Your Insurance?

If you’ve been searching for a Glendale heroin rehab center where you can get sober, it may have been difficult to find a location that fits your needs. One of the problems that many individuals struggling with addiction face is that they don’t know how to pay for recovery. Some recovery centers located in Glendale may not take large health insurance plans. Instead, they may accept only a few plans, and people who don’t belong to these health insurance networks are left to pay out of pocket.

We want to make your recovery as affordable as possible, so we have made an effort to accept nearly every major health insurance plan. This includes Humana, Aetna, Cigna, Health Net, United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance plans.

In addition to accepting all of these insurance plans, we also have a guarantee. When you leave your 90-day treatment program, if your bill is paid in full and you relapse afterward, we will bring you back to our facility for one month of free treatment.

Finally, we want to remind you that there’s no need to worry about getting from Glendale to our recovery center’s location in Tucson, Arizona. We are just a few hours from your home in Glendale, which means that you will be able to get out of your home area of Glendale for treatment but still be close enough to home that you feel comfortable.

The Need for Better Glendale Heroin Rehab

At our rehab center, we focus on using the 12-step program to help patients find their way out of the abyss of addiction. This progression of steps helps individuals start from the beginning and work their way up to success and freedom from drugs and alcohol. During this time, we also offer dual diagnosis treatment, which also deals with a co-existing mental disorder that could be causing complications for you.

We also offer a family participation program, which invites family members and close friends to our recovery center at periodic intervals during your 90-day program. They will be able to participate in special treatment sessions so that they can understand what you’re going through and also have some relief with their own worries and troubles concerning addiction. All of this helps bring you closer together as a family.

Our Affordable Rehab Programs Can Help You

When you’re ready to get help for your heroin addiction or for any other serious drug or alcohol addiction, Recovery in Motion is here to help you. We encourage you to act soon to get the help you need because the sooner you take action, the sooner you can get your life back. Call us today at 866-849-0901. We can help.