Is a program for heroin rehab in New Jersey too close to where you became addicted?

heroin rehab in New JerseyIf you (or a loved one) is a heroin or opiate user living in New Jersey, you’re putting your personal welfare at risk every time a needle is used or a pill is popped. It’s a horrible way to live, but perhaps you or your family member are struggling to find a way out of the cycle of addiction. Regardless of the struggles you may be encountering, there’s always an effective solution for heroin addiction: professional rehab treatment.

Family Involvement Through Intervention

Many times, people who are suffering from an addiction have issues seeing the true impact of their situation. Due to the insidious nature of opiate-based drugs, family members are usually aware of the existence of a serious problem long before victims know they are in trouble.

In a loving family, it’s often incumbent on family members to step up and intervene with their loved one’s drug issues. If you have been involved in trying to get help for loved ones, you can benefit from knowing there are many treatment alternatives beyond what might be found with heroin rehab in New Jersey.

Seeking Something Beyond Heroin Rehab in New Jersey

One of the biggest problems addiction sufferers face when they try to get help too close to home is having to deal with the people, places and things that led to their addiction in the first place. If you or your loved live anywhere in New Jersey, you might assume a heroin rehab in New Jersey would be the best option. From a convenience standpoint, that might be true. However, the continued exposure to triggers and temptation does nothing but pose a threat to the recovery process because it interferes with your or your family member’s ability to focus on recovery without outside pressures.

Where to Get Help Outside of a Heroin Rehab in New Jersey

An excellent treatment alternative for people on the East Coast can be found at Recovery in Motion in Tucson, Arizona. While it might seem a bit far away, you or your loved one could certainly benefit by temporarily heading west for treatment in a warmer environment that is far from the dangerous distractions at home. The best part is that Recovery in Motion’s facility has a large selection of treatment options, all administered by highly trained professional staff members.

With an emphasis on the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model along with participation in a 12-step program, patients are exposed to leading-edge treatment options that are proving to be very effective in helping patients rebuild their lives. Recovery in Motion starts by designating our patients for a customized treatment plan that meets their unique needs. Along with dual diagnosis treatment and holistic treatment methods like yoga and music therapy, patients are offered intensive individual and group therapies that include a family participation program. This is all done on a long-term (usually 90 days) inpatient basis to allow patients plenty of time to redevelop life and coping skills.

Patients are housed in affordable apartment-style units that offer a peaceful and intimate environment for treatment. If money is an issue, you will note these services are very affordable and are often covered by one’s health insurance plan. When treatment has been completed, you (or your family member) will be encouraged to continue the recovery process through continuing involvement with a 12-step program.

If you or your loved one have concerns about getting addiction help too close to home, you always have the options to contact Recovery in Motion at 866-849-0901. Due to the serious nature of heroin addiction, we encourage you to act now to get the help you so desperately need before you or your loved one put your precious lives at risk.