Is That Local New York Heroin Rehab Program Your Best Bet?

Is That Local New York Heroin Rehab Program Your Best Bet?

New Yorkers and drugs have proved a bad combination. About 462,000 New Yorkers were dependent upon illicit drugs in 2013, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s 2014 Behavioral Health Barometer. Of those, only about 59,000 received help through a New York heroin rehab program or other addiction treatment.

Why do more than 87% of New York residents needing treatment for drugs like heroin not gain that help each year? Sadly, the answer may be partially due to available program quality and whether those programs fit individual recovery needs.

Traveling for Treatment Instead of Entering a New York Heroin Rehab Program

When you’re ready for treatment through a New York heroin rehab program, you may believe that available programs won’t work for you. You may also encounter problems with getting into treatment in a timely manner, with many facilities in the northeast having long waiting lists. Traveling for treatment can be a better option in many ways.

Most patients seeking rehab initially feel that they want to stay close to home. But after comparing area programs, many start to recognize the difference that traveling for rehab may make. Rehab is a time when you need to receive quality treatment that will work for you and give you the best chance for sustained recovery.

Reasons Why Arizona Options to a New York Heroin Rehab Program May Be Best

To weigh the options of Arizona-based treatment against New York heroin rehab program offerings, consider the following benefits of traveling to rehab:

Triggers and Temptations Are Far Away

In local rehab, your local stressors, triggers and temptations follow you through the facility’s doors. The whole time you are in treatment, you know that your connections are just outside. Out there, you can visit places where your addiction took hold, heroin was obtained and time was lost to your high. When you travel to rehab, you leave those triggers behind.

A Fresh Start in a Sunny, Warm Place

In leaving New York for a while, you’re able to focus on a brighter future in recovery. This focus feels like a fresh start in a new place, where the landscape isn’t marked by your history of drug abuse and no one is pulling you back into the negative abyss of heroin use. At the same time, you have freedom from everything that stresses you in New York, so you can concentrate on yourself as you should.

Abandonment of Treatment

Many patients fail to remain in a New York heroin rehab program and see the process through because they feel pulled by the connections outside of treatment. By leaving the state and traveling to rehab in Arizona, you leave these connections far behind. While in treatment, fleeing is a bigger hassle than seeing the program through for another day, even when you may experience a bad day in treatment.


Many patients want to go through treatment without outside pressure from people in their social circle, neighborhood, work or school. Social pressure and maintaining your reputation may be too much of a distraction or concern in your local area. By leaving the state to go to rehab in Arizona, you have the inherent freedom of knowing no one, not having any connection to others in the program with you. This can enable greater honesty and self-reflection in treatment, while allowing your authentic self to show through as you work to recover from heroin.

Quality, Focused Treatment in Arizona at Recovery In Motion

For patients seeking an alternative to a New York heroin rehab program, Recovery In Motion in Tucson provides focused heroin rehab that’s affordable and effective. Primarily established around therapies and evidence-based practices for recovery, Recovery In Motion isn’t an escape from heroin abuse. It’s a place to recover from addiction and start a new life in sobriety.

Recovery In Motion provides cost-effective, long-term treatment for patients residing in apartments among peers in the same program. Independence in daily living helps to reestablish life skills lost to long-term drug abuse while the program ensures a strong chance for recovery through a cognitive behavioral therapy model.

Other therapies include:

If you or someone you love is ready for recovery from heroin addiction, Recovery In Motion in Tucson can provide the distance you need from New York to gain sustainable sobriety. Call Recovery In Motion now at 866-849-0901 to learn more about treatment in Arizona. Rooms are available now, so don’t wait to call.