Should My Son Go To A Local Drug Rehab in Massachusetts?

Should My Son Go To A Local Drug Rehab in Massachusetts?

The state of Massachusetts has been suffering from widespread substance abuse for several years. Recent national news stories and even documentary films have focused on the dire situation of Massachusetts’ drug epidemic. This concern has resulted in lengthy rehab waiting lists and overcrowding of treatment centers in the region. For many people seeking help from addiction, attending local drug rehab in Massachusetts isn’t even an option.

Arizona Is An Alternative to Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

For your son, traveling to treatment outside of Massachusetts may be an excellent option. Many patients, young and old, travel to other states each year for the treatment they need. When a broader variety of options are considered, your son will be better able to receive treatment that offers him the best chance of long-term recovery, instead trying to settle for what is nearby.

You may wonder why so many people travel away from their home to gain rehab. The answer lies in whether local drug rehab in Massachusetts can meet personal needs. Beyond therapies and how addiction is treated in a program, the other considerations of program attributes, treatment offerings and affordability can influence patients to take a flight to rehab, instead of driving.

In Tucson, Arizona, Recovery In Motion provides focused, comprehensive treatment as an alternative to drug rehab in Massachusetts. Recovery In Motion is an environment of rehabilitation centered around evidence-based therapies, not frills or unnecessary amenities patients rarely have time to use. This enables greater affordability and ensures patients are focused on recovery, not a retreat from life.

Benefits of Treatment in Arizona, Instead of a Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

There are a multitude of benefits inherent in traveling to Arizona for treatment, instead of entering a drug rehab in Massachusetts. Some of those include:

  • Distance from Massachusetts-based temptations, negative social connections and triggers
  • Greater likelihood of remaining in rehab, instead of running away when the program and cravings get tough
  • Enhanced privacy and confidentiality of being out-of-state, enabling greater depth of participation and honesty in the program
  • A break from stressors, enablers and other issues of home life contributing to substance abuse
  • A fresh perspective and energy gained from the “fresh start” feeling of traveling to a new, sunnier place

Recovery In Motion Provides What Your Son Needs for Sustainable Recovery

In sunny Arizona, Recovery In Motion offers quality therapies and dual-diagnosis care needed to ensure lasting recovery from drugs or alcohol abuse. In Tucson, your son will be far from triggers and temptations, as well as stressors leading him to use drugs or alcohol. He will have peace of mind in knowing that privacy is inherent outside of his home state and this can enable him to honestly confront his underlying issues that led to addiction, in the first place. Together, all of these reasons make Recovery In Motion a great alternative to Massachusetts-based treatment.

Some of the attributes of Recovery In Motion include:

Recovery In Motion accepts most insurance including:

Rooms are available now. Why put off sobriety any longer? At Recovery In Motion, your son can gain all of the support, education, guidance and help he needs to recover from drugs or alcohol. Call Recovery In Motion now at 866-849-0901 to gain additional insight and information about long-term residential treatment in sunny Tucson.