Recovery in Motion offers Tucson heroin rehab programs 

Tucson heroin rehabHeroin is a terrifying drug, both when being used and when trying to overcome addiction to it. Because it’s so highly addictive, many of those who use it (and their loved ones) often wonder if overcoming addiction to heroin is even possible.

Few drugs are as dangerous as heroin. It quickly takes hold of its users who risk their lives every single time they take it. Injecting or snorting heroin always presents the potential for a fatal overdose, whether the user is new to heroin or is seasoned and has been using for years. The only effective way to survive heroin addiction is to get help from a qualified treatment center, like a Tucson heroin rehab facility.

A Tucson Heroin Rehab Program Understands the Truths About Heroin

For people seeking help with heroin addiction, it’s important that they enter a Tucson heroin rehab that truly understands heroin and its power. Heroin shares many of the same attributes as morphine. One of those attributes is the drug’s quick power over users who develop physical tolerance very, very quickly. This tolerance requires those who use the drug to use more each time in order to feel its effects.

As soon as the person using heroin stops, painful withdrawal symptoms take over. This is why treatment in a qualified Tucson heroin rehab is so helpful and important. Such a rehab helps users get through withdrawal and gain the strength to resist turning to it again. Just one slip into using heroin again restarts the cycle of addiction that’s so difficult to overcome.

Getting to the Root of Heroin Addiction at a Tucson Heroin Rehab

Many people who turn to heroin or other substances for recreational use or become addicted to such drugs after using prescription medication for a prolonged period don’t realize that their addiction is rooted in a co-occurring condition. Such conditions include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma or obsessive compulsive disorder, to name a few. Or, their drug use may have caused such a condition to develop, which now requires treatment along with the drug use.

Co-occurring conditions are identified through dual diagnosis, meaning that the drug addiction is only one half of the diagnosis. The second half is diagnosis of the mental health disorder, which also must be treated from the very first moments of getting help in a Tucson heroin rehab. To gain this help, patients with co-occurring conditions are provided with an accurate dual diagnosis from medical professionals and an individualized treatment plan is developed to treat both problems at the same time.

Many patients are somewhat aware of depression, anxiety or other mental health issues they may be suffering from while using heroin. Others may be completely surprised that they have, in essence, been self-medicating in a desperate effort to experience some balance that others enjoy as part of healthy, drug-free everyday life. Regardless of whether the co-occurring condition preceded drug use or is a side effect of having used for a long time, this problem can be effectively healed through dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Recovery in Motion of Tucson, AZ

Recovery in Motion in Tucson, AZ provides the dual diagnosis treatment needed to overcome heroin addiction. While heroin is extremely addictive, there’s help available through treatment of the co-occurring condition using evidence-based therapies. Cognitive behavioral therapy, individual counseling, a family participation program, group therapy and a 12-step program all come together with other therapies to empower people addicted to heroin to recover from the drug once and for all.

Whether patients enter treatment willingly or require help from loved ones through a facility-guided intervention, getting treatment at Recovery in Motion can save lives. Programs at Recovery in Motion are affordable and may be partially or fully paid for through health insurance.

Call Recovery in Motion now at 866-849-0901 to help yourself or your loved one get the life-saving treatment needed for survival of heroin addiction. Every day of heroin use could be the last, so don’t wait.