Reclaim Your Life From Addiction With UnitedHealthcare Insurance

United Healthcare Insurance Can Help You Pay for Treatment

Do you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment? If so and you have UnitedHealthcare Insurance, your plan will provide some level of coverage for your rehab treatment.

Sadly, thousands of individuals in the United States today who desperately need drug and alcohol addiction treatment will never get it. Why does this happen? They usually don’t understand how they will pay for their treatment. Some of them have insurance, but they don’t think that addiction is covered. Many also don’t think that addiction is a disease.

The truth is that addiction is most definitely a disease, and coverage can be provided by UnitedHealthcare insurance. United Healthcare insurance covers addiction like every other disease because it has to according to the terms of the Affordable Care Act.

Find Freedom From Addiction With Insurance From UnitedHealthcare

The Affordable Care Act specifically stipulates that addiction to drugs or alcohol be covered just like cancer, heart disease or any other disease. In short, all diseases need to be covered by health insurance, including addiction.

But there’s one thing to remember—not all coverage plans from UnitedHealthcare insurance are the same. In other words, different coverage plans may cover different aspects of addiction treatment. The best thing to do is to call us at Recovery In Motion to see what your plan will cover at our drug and alcohol treatment location. One of our discreet and knowledgeable representatives will discuss all of your insurance options with you, and they can also explain how our addiction program works so that you feel comfortable when you enter the facility.

Our Programs Will Help You Get Sober Once and for All

The facilities that Recovery In Motion offers for addiction treatment are some of the best in the nation. We focus on getting you sober, but we treat each patient individually, so each program is catered to the patient, instead of a cookie-cutter layout or a one-size-fits-all method.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is generally recognized to be the best form of therapy for addiction treatment. With cognitive behavioral therapy, patients learn how to retrain their thinking away from destructive thought patterns, such as all-or-nothing thinking or negative snowballing that only leads to fear, worry and depression.

In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, Recovery In Motion also offers life skills classes and courses that will help found you out as an individual and prepare you for life after drug and alcohol rehab. For example, you can learn how to cook better, live happily and harmoniously with others such as your family members or roommates.

We also have special classes that will enrich your lives on the whole. For example, you could take yoga therapy to become more fit and learn to center your mind better. You might also take a music therapy or a trauma therapy course.

Going to addiction treatment at Recovery In Motion can save your life. We want to help you get sober and take back your life. To get a benefits assessment of your United Healthcare insurance, call one of our addiction specialists today at (866) 418-1070.