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Recovery in Motion Testimonials

Morgan’s Story

After a car accident where she was ran over and fractured her pelvis, doctors began to prescribed morgan opioid pain medication. Morgan quickly became addicted to her medications. After not being able to get opioid prescriptions, she started looking into other ways to get opioids. Soon the progression of her addiction increased and she found herself in a dark place. Morgan’s mother brought her to Recovery in Motion to get help. Although she did not fully get it the first time around, Morgan acknowledges that the seeds of recovery were planted. She later returned to and completed treatment here at Recovery in Motion and is now living a fulfilling life in recovery.

Chris’s Story

Coming all the way from Wisconsin looking for help, Chris came to Recovery in Motion to get treatment for his opioid addiction. After years of struggling with opioid abuse, he reached a turning point and wanted a way out. He realized that Chris knows that as long as he stays clean, his possibilities are endless. Armed with everything that he’s learned at Recovery in Motion, he’s on the track to a new life.

“My experience at Recovery in Motion was nothing but a miracle.”

“My experience at Recovery In Motion was nothing but a MIRACLE!!! First I must say I wanted to get clean for years and my way just wasn’t working. I SURRENDERED TO THE DISEASE! I grabbed my phone from good old New Jersey made A LIFE-SAVING CALL. They worked with me being I don’t have insurance!! MIRACLE RIGHT THERE!!! Off I was to Arizona.THEY SAVED MY LIFE AND SHOWED ME A NEW WAY TO LIVE!! I FLEW THERE BROKEN AND LEFT A WHOLE NEW PERSON.  OWE IT ALL TO EVERYONE AT RECOVERY IN MOTION!!!”

Kevin P.

New Jersey

“We will never forget how powerful this process was.”

As my wife and I attended our son’s first Family session at Recovery in Motion, we were certainly nervous and did not know what to expect. These concerns melted away immediately as we were pleasantly greeted by the Family Liaison who took the time to get us up to speed and go over a few details.

Before the morning session started our son’s therapist welcomed us and talked about our son’s progress and what to expect during the family session. The meeting with family members was a great start to the day and helped us get acquainted with other parents and family members. They all shared stories of their situations that were honest and raw yet heartwarming.

During our ‘List Work” session my wife, our oldest son and I sat one on one with our son to review our lists. These moments were intense and emotional and we will never forget how powerful this process was.

The family therapist encouraged us to peel back the truth that is needed to help our son, and family, on his path to recovery.

The staff of Recovery in Motion was professional and caring.

We were honestly moved by the care, respect and love demonstrated during our visit and trust our son’s team is working diligently to help him – help himself to move forward with his life’s journey.

Terry C.


Nick Jones – A Veteran in Recovery

Meet Director Nick Jones

Nick Jones has a degree in social work and has been working in the recovery field since 1991. Recovering from addiction himself, he realized that he could use his expertise to help others. Nick founded Old Pueblo, a program for veterans who are experiencing homelessness and substance abuse. Nick eventually found himself feeling called to start his own treatment center. He went on to open Recovery in Motion and has been working on hard on helping others through the program ever since.