Intervention Services For Loved Ones of Addicts

Interventions are planned face-to-face meetings of family members and friends with addicts in their lives. These meetings aim to provide enough support and evidence regarding people’s addictions that denial no longer prevents them from entering treatment.

Why are interventions necessary?

Addicts are often in deep denial about their problems, leading many to be unwilling to undergo rehabilitation. They are too close to their issues to see effects on themselves and everyone around them. Addicts often believe they have control over their substance use or other addiction, when in reality they have spun totally out of control.

Interventions are educational processes during which addicts are led to moments of clarity regarding their problems. The aim of interventions are to provide addicts with an opportunity to receive help before their situations become even more dangerous. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, when conducted by a trained interventionist, more than 90% of interventions lead addicts into treatment.

Aspects of Interventions

For interventions, a trained interventions specialist from Recovery in Motion will educate the family and friends about the process. Information is provided regarding addiction, how the intervention will take place, the desired outcome and how to ensure the intervention is successful. Once all parties are ready for their part in the process, the meeting is scheduled to confront the addict.

It’s important to work with a trained addiction specialist when organizing an intervention. A Recovery in Motion specialist will develop an understanding of the individual addict’s situation and circumstances of substance abuse. The specialist will then make suggestions regarding the best approach. This professional will also help determine who should attend and participate, and provide guidance for family and friends regarding treatment options.

Many people try to conduct an intervention on their own, without a trained intervention specialist. But it’s important to consult a specialist, particularly if the addict has a history of any of the following:

  • Serious mental illness
  • Violence
  • Suicidal behavior or recent talk of suicide
  • Taking multiple mood-altering substances

When guided by a trained professional, most interventions are successful.

Not all addicts require an intervention to be successfully entered into treatment. Many addicts know they need help and even seek rehabilitation on their own. Intervention is a tool for helping addicts who don’t believe they have a problem see the damage their substance use is inflicting on everyone in their lives, thus leading them to enter treatment in preservation of everything they hold most dear.

Recovery in Motion’s Role in Intervention

Recovery in Motion provides intervention services to help families and friends through the process of successfully guiding their loved one into addiction treatment. Together, the trained interventionist and the addict’s loved ones prepare for the intervention without the awareness of the addict. When the intervention takes place, the addict will be brought into the process and provided with the opportunity to get professional help.

Our intervention program is successful and effective due to the following attributes:

  • We utilize a simple, yet effective, strategy
  • Each intervention is customized according to the specific needs of each addict and his or her loved ones
  • Specific goals are in place for each intervention’s outcome
  • Everyone is treated with respect
  • Our trained interventionists know how to ensure the session is calm, compassionate and safe
  • We provide complete guidance for the loved ones, including on how to make the intervention as effective as possible
  • We know how to help the addict become willing to enter treatment for long-term recovery

Conducting an intervention is a serious matter, and it’s likely that there’s only one chance for success. To ensure the intervention is successful and reaches the most desirable outcome possible, Recovery in Motion provides trained intervention support. Unplanned interventions rarely lead addicts to treatment. But those that are thoughtfully planned by trained professionals are successful in 90% of instances.

Contact Recovery in Motion now at (866) 418-1070 to get started in the planning of your intervention, so the addict you love can start on the road to long-term recovery before it’s too late.