Questions to Ask Drug Recovery Centers During Admission

What Should I Ask Drug Recovery Centers for Admission?

If you or someone you care about is willing to pursue a path in sobriety, an initial search for drug rehabilitation facilities will be needed There are numerous centers for addiction available to take you. However, each recovery center provides different types of care, methods of therapy and living settings. Ask prospective drug recovery centers the following questions during the admission phase.

Is Dual-Diagnosis Therapy Available?

Addiction is a complex issue, and there’s no way to pinpoint its exact causes. However, there’s little doubt that many patients struggle with more than just a single addiction. Dual-diagnosis therapy, also known as X + Y therapy, focuses on more than just one concern, and is ideal for those with multiple addictions or a mental illness as well as an addiction.

What Health Insurance Plans are Accepted?

When patients are admitted into a drug recovery program, they should only have to worry about recovery. That’s why it’s so important to ask drug recovery centers right away about how payment works and what health insurance policies are accepted. Most reputable, licensed facilities will accept a wide range of insurance plans to help patients easily handle the financial side of rehabilitation.

Are There Guarantees for Patients?

There’s no way to guarantee lifelong sobriety to any patient in any facility. However, some drug recovery centers stand behind their treatment plans and offer some type of guarantee to their patients.

What Kinds of Treatment and Therapy are Available?

Drug recovery centers each have their own preferred methods of therapy and treatment, but potential patients shouldn’t be afraid to ask about them during the admission process. Just some of the helpful types of treatment and therapy centers may rely on include the following:

  • Art Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Yoga/Fitness Therapy

Are There Rooms Available Right Now?

Patients should also inquire about whether there is current availability at the center. If you’re committed to recovery, don’t wait. Seek help right away through a reputable drug recovery center.

You might also have some additional questions about the living situation at the treatment or recovery center. Some accommodations are coed, some have shared apartments or dormitories and others focus on life skills by having patients actively handle things like cooking, cleaning and socializing.

To ensure that patients find the best possible drug recovery centers, it’s vital to ask these key questions. Call (866) 418-1070 to talk with someone at Recovery in Motion, get answers to these questions and get on the path toward recovery from drug addiction.


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