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Finding the courage to get help for your addiction can be overwhelming. We ask that you trust our licensed professional to tailor your substance abuse treatment for long-term recovery. Our addiction treatment programs at Recovery In Motion in Tucson focuses on providing proper mental and physical health assessments, progress-based length of stay, and quality treatment modalities for long-lasting sobriety. We will help you manage your cravings and teach you tools to live a fulfilling life in recovery.

Trust our staff of licensed professionals to get to the root of your addiction so that we may treat the trauma you have endured during your addiction and the substance dependency together. Providing quality treatment, Recovery in Motion will walk you 100% through the recovery process. Trust in us with your recovery and we will show you a happy life in sobriety.

Don’t let your addiction control your life anymore. Push past the fear and uncertainty of change and focus your life toward a bright future in recovery. You are no longer alone in your addiction when you reach out to us at Recovery in Motion. Trust our certified professionals in providing you with a level of care that ensures long-lasting sobriety. Call us today and end the misery of living fix to fix, drink to drink, and one painful withdrawal episode after another. The stability and comfort of recovery awaits you.

What to Expect During Treatment.

The moment you walk through our doors, we focus on safely removing the substances abused from your body. Mental and physical health assessments are scheduled for proper dual-diagnosis. One-on-one therapy and group sessions keep you focused on a bright future ahead of you.

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Keep Your Job Using FMLA.

Your time in treatment does not have to disrupt your work life. Treatment at Recovery in Motion is kept confidential using the Family and Medical Leave Act to ensure that you will be able to return to your job once your treatment needs have been met.

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Addiction is a Disease.

Substance abuse disorders are classified as a disease. Licensed nurses and therapists provide medical assessments to identify co-occurring disorders like PTSD to properly treat substance dependence and mental illness together. Comprehensive care is needed for long term success in sobriety.

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Life Skills & Job Training.

Living in active addiction for years has negative repercussions in all areas of life. Career goals, social skills, family dynamics, and self-worth; these areas of someone’s life cannot be fixed overnight or treated with normal substance abuse treatment methods.

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Yoga & Gym Access.

Substance abuse tends to become the main focus in active addiction. Unhealthy weight loss and muscle degradation is common and must also be addressed during your treatment. Yoga and gym sessions are built into your daily routine during your treatment at Recovery in Motion.

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Can I Bring My Dog.

Staying recovery focused during your treatment at Recovery in Motion is key. Learning to take care of yourself is the top priority of your treatment. That means your lovable four legged friend must stay with a trusted friend or family member during your treatment.

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Morgan’s Story

After a car accident where she was ran over and fractured her pelvis, doctors began to prescribed morgan opioid pain medication. Morgan quickly became addicted to her medications. After not being able to get opioid prescriptions, she started looking into other ways to get opioids. Soon the progression of her addiction increased and she found herself in a dark place. Morgan’s mother brought her to Recovery in Motion to get help. Although she did not fully get it the first time around, Morgan acknowledges that the seeds of recovery were planted. She later returned to and completed treatment here at Recovery in Motion and is now living a fulfilling life in recovery.

Chris’s Story

Coming all the way from Wisconsin looking for help, Chris came to Recovery in Motion to get treatment for his opioid addiction. After years of struggling with opioid abuse, he reached a turning point and wanted a way out. He realized that Chris knows that as long as he stays clean, his possibilities are endless. Armed with everything that he’s learned at Recovery in Motion, he’s on the track to a new life.

What Makes Recovery In Motion Different?

Our Unique Approach to Recovery

What makes Recovery In Motion different from other substance abuse treatment facilities is that our staff has extended training and experience in substance abuse treatment. Therapists must be up to date on their licensure and well versed in trauma response therapy and mental illness. Our nurses and physicians must have completed their medical certifications and are up to date on proper COVID-19 procedures and proticles. Healing the family dynamic is just as important as healing the recovering addict. Providing your family with counseling sessions and educational family day weekends ensure you return to a family environment that encourages your recovery and long-lasting sobriety.

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