Recovery in Motion

Taking the First Steps

Recovery in Motion offers clients a caring, community-centered environment for substance abuse treatment in Tucson, Arizona. We provide holistic, clinically based drug & alcohol treatment for adult women and men at affordable prices. Many of our clients have been through numerous treatment centers with the hopes of remaining sober from their drug of choice. We want to be the last treatment center you visit on your road to recovery.

We want to talk to you about the true costs of addiction, substance abuse treatment and what you need to get clean and live a life of sobriety. Getting your questions answered and educating you on everything treatment-related is just a call away.

You will find that our highly tailored, individualized treatment approach is affordable and absolutely worth it. Why? Because you or your loved one are worth it and the value you add to your family is worth it.

Recovery in Motion’s drug & alcohol treatment facility offers full-service individualized treatment plans. We’re all about effectiveness at Recovery in Motion; our dual diagnosis programs offer one-on-one sessions for you or your loved one to help find the root of addictions. Being a state licensed, dual-diagnosis treatment center that is nationally accredited by the Joint Commission gives us the tools and resources to help you or your loved one in your recovery.

Family Day Participation.

Highly trained, gifted and dedicated to their craft, our family group facilitators offer constructive support and unparalleled experience for the whole family. Our family program offers therapeutic support and education for the family on how to properly support recovery for themselves and their family members.

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Can I Afford Treatment?

Paying for Treatment

Weekend Passes

Now is the time to rebuild those familial bonds. Recovery in Motion knows what it is like to be in and watch active addiction. You may have spent so many years in active addiction your family does not know who you are or what you like anymore. They may only know the substance-seeking behavior that has corrupted your mind. Having your family in your life, involved with your recovery, getting to know the real you as you rekindle your passion for life is and will always be important to Recovery in Motion.

Weekend Activities

Those in active addiction like to do one thing: drugs. In treatment and in your recovery, you will find better things to do with your time than use and abuse the substance that has enslaved you. Recovery in Motion will teach you to bowl, soak up some sun on a hike, expose you to the movie scene and more. This is your second chance to find out what interests you, what you like to do and what re-ignites your passion for life. Just because we are sober does not mean we don’t know how to have fun. Let Recovery in Motion show you.