Finding Treatment For a Loved One

Recovery in Motion

Don't Wait For Things To Get Worse

When your loved one is in denial about their substance abuse, it is up to you to find the proper care they need for long-term success. Finding a facility you can trust to take care of your addicted loved one is not easy and can be overwhelming. Our addiction treatment programs at Recovery In Motion in Tucson focus on the quality of your loved one’s care by providing physical health and mental illness assessments in identifying co-occurring disorders.

Trust in our licensed therapists and medical physicians to give your loved one the attention they need to reveal the root of their addiction for the comprehensive care they truly need to remain sober and recovery-focused. Providing quality treatment to ensure that your loved one achieves long-term recovery. Putting your trust in Recovery in Motion means long-lasting sobriety.

Whether it was a fatal overdose or a candid phone call for help from your loved one, you are motivated now to get them to treatment. Push through the uncertainty and focus your mental energy on finding a treatment facility that will focus on family healing as well as long term sobriety care. It is time you realize that you do not have to keep your loved ones addiction a secret and reach out to us at Recovery in Motion. Trust our licensed professionals to provide your loved one with the care they need to stay sober and remain recovery-focused.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Help.

You may think that they will never go to treatment. That they will become too emotionally unstable to consider getting help. Hire a professional Interventionist to help you get them to Recovery in Motion and stay here till they complete treatment.

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Addiction Codependency in Families.

When your addicted loved one depends on you for drug money, rent, bills, and food you have all the leverage in the world to get them to go to treatment, become independent, and start living a life as a self sufficient adult.

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Supporting a Loved One in Rehab.

Having the family involved in the treatment process is important for long-term sobriety and lasting recovery. If you are educated about their recovery and provide an environment that fosters their sobriety. Family relationships can heal and become stronger than ever.

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Life Skills & Job Training.

Living in active addiction for years has negative repercussions in all areas of life. Career goals, social skills, family dynamics, and self-worth; these areas of someone’s life cannot be fixed overnight or treated with normal substance abuse treatment methods.

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Why Will This Time Be Different.

This time will be different because you will put your trust in Recovery in Motion. We will educate you on setting healthy boundaries, identify the signs of manipulation, and provide your loved one with proper aftercare planning for self sufficient living.

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Addiction Affects the Entire Family.

Your loved one’s addiction is traumatic for your family. You are forced to enable their behavior out of fear. This causes a trauma response that needs proper counseling to heal and rebuild trust in your addicted loved one.

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What Makes Recovery In Motion Different?

Our Unique Approach to Recovery

What makes Recovery In Motion unique from other drug and alcohol treatment facilities is that our therapists must be trained in trauma response therapy and have up-to-date licensure in the state of Arizona. Providing your family with educational family day weekends and counseling sessions ensures that the environment your recovering addict comes back to encourages independence and fosters long-term sobriety. Our medical physicians, therapists, and house managers have in-depth training and experience in substance abuse treatment and proper COVID-19 procedures for a safe treatment experience.

Why Us
Recovery in Motion's Family Therapy

Family Participation

Educational family workshops and progress in treatment communication is what makes Recovery in Motion in Tucson successful in long-term sobriety. A weekly phone call about your loved one’s recovery provides the peace of mind needed in rebuilding trust in them again. Learning healthy boundaries and attending counseling sessions for the trauma the family has experienced in their loved one’s addiction helps heal the entire family and not just the recovering addict. When the entire family goes through the treatment process, family roles, independent lifestyles, and healthy relationships become the foundation of long-lasting recovery.

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