Intensive Outpatient


The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Recovery in Motion can be the next step in recovery after inpatient treatment or it can be an option for people in the early stages of addiction who don’t need the intensive care of residential treatment. It’s an opportunity to apply the tools you have learned in treatment to real-life situations. The staff at Recovery in Motion can help you decide which level of treatment is best for you. It can be helpful for some people to live at home while going through treatment so they have family support. Our IOP also has family sessions so your family is involved in the healing process.

While you are in early recovery, you should be mending important relationships with loved ones, settling into your new habits, and practicing using your new tools for sobriety. You are able to attend meetings and build a recovery support network while following your aftercare plan.

Treatment is not a quick fix and studies have shown that there is a correlation between a successful recovery and the length of time spent in treatment. This is why we recommend that our clients continue to receive care through our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). While you live at home and repair those important relationships, it’s an opportunity for your family to be part of your recovery support system and for the whole family to heal.

The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed as a continuation of your residential treatment. You’ll have less supervision as you adapt to your sober life but with IOP you’ll know that you always have a safe place to return to. It provides enough structure and support to keep you on track.

Continued Care is one of the most important aspects of treatment. The time you spend in treatment will only be a small percentage of your life but will give you the tools you need to live a long, happy life of sobriety. Over 85% of people who enter substance abuse treatment relapse within a year and ⅔ of those relapse within a few weeks. An effective aftercare plan helps you take the tools you learned in treatment and apply them to the rest of your life.

Before you leave treatment at Recovery in Motion, you will have a sustainable, recovery-focused plan that will help ensure your continued health. Recovery is not always straightforward. We will do our best to set you up for success but we can’t predict every circumstance. If you return home or to a transitional program and things aren’t working out, such as the groups aren’t right for you or you can’t make your appointments, we are here to help. We will recalibrate and help you create a continuing care plan that works for you and your recovery.

There is a direct correlation between time spent in treatment and the success of recovery. Your Continued Care plan is a continuation of your treatment and was created with your successful recovery in mind. Intensive Outpatient Programs provide continued treatment and support while you return home and begin to reacclimate to your daily life. You’ll use the skills you learned and still have support and a community of others in recovery. Sobriety and recovery are huge achievements and no matter where you are on your journey, you’re never alone.

The Intensive Outpatient Program at Recovery in Motion provides:

Recovery in Motion uses various treatment modalities, including 12-step programs to give you a holistic treatment experience. Alcoholics Anonymous created the original 12-step model that is now used in many forms of addiction recovery, including Narcotics Anonymous, Codependents Anonymous, Al-Anon, and many more. The founders of the 12-step program realized that having the support of other people who understood and empathized with your experiences was invaluable for addiction recovery. None of us are alone. While in treatment at Recovery in Motion, you will attend external 12-step meetings. You’ll have the opportunity to build a support network and hear messages of hope. In these meetings, you will gain from the experience, strength, and hope of other people who have been sober for years.

Recovery in Motion provides you with the perfect location to begin a life in sobriety. Call today at (866) 418-1070 to find out more information about beginning a new life in our recovery programs.