Native American Wellbriety


Recovery in Motion Treatment Center is proud to now offer an Indigenous approach to recovery. Known as the Red Road to Wellbriety, this is a journey of hope and healing for Indigenous people seeking recovery. Indigenous people have been walking The Red Road for centuries and Wellbriety draws from 12 Step Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. This combination applies the ancient teachings of Indigenous cultures to the structure of 12-Step programs. There even appears to be a direct correlation between traditional Indigenous values and 12-Step programs. We hope that our Indigenous clients will begin their journey and break the cycle of addiction.

Wellbriety is an Indigenous word that describes a state of balance. The Red Road to Wellbriety uses the term as a state of sobriety and wellness. Many Indigenous teachings perceive the world as a circle and believe that all life is cyclical. Wellbriety takes the process of the 12 Steps and applies them to the imagery of the Indigenous Medicine Wheel. The steps mark twelve spokes on the Medicine Wheel and show that recovery, like life, is cyclical. The Medicine Wheel honors the four directions and the four seasons of The Red Road. At Recovery in Motion, our Indigenous group goes through the Wellbriety literature together to help each other interpret and understand how we can apply the teachings of Wellbriety in our everyday lives.

In addition to the Wellbriety literature, we also honor our ancestors and one another with Talking Circles. The four sacraments that have been gifted to our people are harmony with nature, enduring suffering, and respecting others. When we come together for Talking Circle, we share a natural bond of closeness, strength, and healing. In our group, we will smudge to cleanse our spirit and begin to pass an eagle feather, as there are no lies between us when we practice the teaching of our elders. Becoming part of the Wellbriety group is earned. When they arrive in the group, the new member will be welcomed and celebrated for beginning this spiritual journey of recovery.