Things to Look forward to in Recovery

Living up sobriety

Is the tough journey towards sobriety worth pursuing? The first few months of recovery may come with a lot of euphoria. But soon some people may start to feel bored. Perhaps you still miss the drinking days or you still want to be in the circle that used to get high every evening. It is OK to run into “the wall’ but after that, there is much to look forward to in sobriety.

Sobriety comes with a feeling of gratification in the long run. You can have your life back and you can even have it better this time. Here are some things to look forward to in recovery.

1. Improved Health

It goes without saying that you will enjoy better health in sobriety. Imagine that your body does not have to strain cleaning up all the toxins. You also get to eat at the right time and in the right amounts, consciously.

You are now free from long-term dangers that come with prolonged substance abuse such as liver or kidney problems. While you may not entirely reverse the health damage that has already happened, you avoid risk of further respiratory problems, cardiovascular, digestive and mental health issues.

During recovery, you can come up with a positive and structured routine that will fuel your body positively. Sobriety will help your body heal and slowly build up its energy, immune system and support for health functioning.

2. Freedom

Addiction and dependency is a form of slavery. Having to depend on drugs every day to wake up, cope with life issues, feel good or interact with others is not healthy. For a long time, drugs have run your life. Now, you do not have to worry about being in control of your substance use. No more wasting time figuring out where to get the next fix or drink.

There is a sense of relief that comes with letting the chains go and feeling free again. Slowly, feelings of shame, despair and guilt will begin to wear off and you do not have to feel disconnected from the world.

3. Emotional Well-being

With sobriety, you no longer have to be the emotional wreck you used to be. One of the greatest fears for recovery is how to go about handling issues and all the emotions. First of all, there is no miracle cookie for happiness and balance and recovery. However, sobriety comes with clarity of mind that helps you handle issues better.

You will learn to understand all the emotions behind any feeling. Since you understand yourself and your mind better, you will know when to act and how to act. With self-consciousness, you learn to accept your mistakes and pick the lessons for better tomorrow. You will go through significant emotional milestones in sobriety.

4. Better Wholesome Relationships

A lot of relationships get damaged during addiction. Your loved ones suffered the consequences of your addiction and some emotional damage occurred. When you are committed to sobriety, you prove to them that you are choosing the best for yourself.

In sobriety, you also meet friends with common beliefs. You will be amazed there are so many good people with the same beliefs that have overcome similar struggles. You get to shed off bad crowds that kept you company during high days.

5. New Hobbies and Interests Await

During addiction, you may have lost interest in a lot of things you used to love before. This includes losing interest in other aspects of life including activities that bring happiness and relaxation. Sobriety will give you a chance to know yourself better once again. While reflecting on your personality you will discover constructive outlets such as new interests and hobbies.

6. Productivity and Chance at a New Career

Chances are you ran into work trouble during one of the days you were high. Perhaps, it’s the work life that gets you on the cliff. With sobriety, you have a chance to rethink things. Having lost so much to addiction, you do not have to waste more time with a job you do not like. You will have the courage to pursue your true work path.

While going through the sessions, you might have been lucky to stumble upon networks that help recovered addicts find new work opportunities. Being sober will help you reflect on the important things, and being productive tops the list.

7. Helping Someone Else

When you have done this successfully, you have a chance to tell someone how it felt and how you got through it. You can also tell them how the other side feels. You can mentor someone best if you have been in their situation. They find you more credible if you somewhat know and understand what you have been through and overcame successfully.

8. Sobriety Excitement Islands

Once in a while, make a habit of celebrating your sobriety journey. It is such a significant accomplishment. Excitement islands are simply little things you do for fun on a regular basis. These islands give you something to look forward to. Here are some island ideas you can schedule for yourself

  • Hang out over the weekends with family and friends
  • A matinee movie
  • Try a new splendid restaurant (great idea for the money wasted on drugs)
  • Camping
  • Massage or spa treatment
  • A play or a ball game
  • Coffee with a new friend
  • Take day off!
  • Get creative with other examples

9. Gratitude-filled Life

Sometimes people fall off the wagon because they do not take a moment to be grateful. Gratitude begins with meditating on your journey. When you have won back your sobriety, it builds a culture of gratitude as you become grateful for second chance, new friends and family, better relationships and your freedom.

You also learn to pat yourself on the back for small and big achievements made so far. You realize that this is a better routine than the one you were used earlier where you felt inadequate and undeserving. Gratitude comes with self-love, satisfaction and confidence in self.

Sobriety comes with a complete transformation into a new person. You feel better about yourself and you appreciate your journey more. There is a lot to celebrate and to discover about new being. Remain patient and positive as each day brings new lessons. If you would like to start your recovery journey today, call us for all the support you may need.


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