Arizona Substance Abuse Programs Offer Treatment for Drugs & Alcohol

How Addiction is Treated in Arizona Substance Abuse Programs

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) research, most individuals who receive treatment in programs for substance addiction are successful in stopping their drug use. They reduce the amount of criminal behavior and improve mental processes. Programs also display helping people make changes in their work and social settings.

Substance Abuse Programs Treat People With Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Substance abuse programs effectively treat patients who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. If you’re wondering if you or someone you love may need residential treatment, there are some indicators of dependence on drugs or alcohol that can help you justify consideration of substance abuse programs.

A person with an addiction problem suffers from at least three of these indicators:

  • Use of the drugs or alcohol has continued for a year or longer
  • More of the substance is needed to feel the same effects, than at first use
  • If use is stopped, physical stress is felt
  • The intent was to just use the substance one time or on a few occasions, but use continued
  • Much time is spent using, trying to obtain the substance, or sobering up
  • Work quality has suffered and/or too much work time is missed
  • Negative consequences don’t stop the use of the substance

Anyone able to affirm that three or more of the above statements apply to their own situation should enter one of the available Arizona substance abuse programs for treatment.

Another justification for Arizona treatment is that of substance abuse’s effects on the brain. The brain changes during substance abuse:

  • Dopamine transmitters responsible for pleasure stop working, causing people to feel depressed when they aren’t using
  • Gray matter volume may be reduced, decreasing healthy nerve tissue in the brain
  • The hippocampal region of the brain can be damaged, affecting short-term memory and other functioning

How Addiction Is Treated in Arizona Substance Abuse Programs

Quality Arizona substance abuse programs, such as Recovery in Motion, address the addiction and its effects on the brain through treatment, which includes the following:

  • 12-step programs
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Counseling and group therapy
  • Other evidence-based therapies
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment

Together, these therapies can help the individual recover from prolonged substance abuse and many of the effects on the brain can be healed.

Recovery In Motion Arizona Substance Abuse Programs

Recovery in Motion of Tucson provides dual-diagnosis treatment employing multiple evidence-based therapies within affordable and effective addiction treatment programs. These programs combine as part of comprehensive treatment plans to help patients recover from substance abuse for the long term.

Every day of substance abuse leads you farther down the dark road of physical dependence, damage to the brain and effects on other parts of the body. Effective treatment is necessary. Only through professional treatment can recovery be achieved and maintained for a lifetime. Rooms are available at Recovery in Motion, so call 866.418.1070 to learn more now.


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