A certified detox program can help drug abuse victims on a path to sobriety

 The most important aspect of the treatment methods for drug addiction is detoxification. Individuals may encounter a range of distinct withdrawal symptoms associated with long-term abuse of drugs. A qualified treatment facility can provide detox services to assist clients with overcoming substance dependence Withdrawal may trigger various physical and mental disturbances that may be both unpleasant and risky. If you’re struggling with addiction and are looking for a method that has been shown to help drug abuse victims, then a qualified detoxification program is right for you.

How People Become Dependent on Drugs

In order to help drug abuse victims, medical science had to learn more about how drugs affect the mind and body. The body is in a constant state of balancing chemicals for basic human functions. The human body has different reactions when a person is hungry or thirsty, which allows the individual to know when to drink liquids or eat food. When a person is regularly abusing drugs, the body’s equilibrium is thrown off, and the mind and body now need the drugs in order to feel well. Not only does it become a natural reaction for a person to use drugs whenever a craving sets in, but the mind and body also begin to go into a state of shock when the substances are absent for too long.

What Happens During Withdrawal

When the body is going through withdrawal, a wide range of symptoms may occur. The symptoms can vary from person to person depending on the substance or substances they were abusing and how dependent they’ve become. Those who abuse drugs like prescription opioids or heroin can have mental and physical symptoms like anxiety, depression, aches, pains and nausea. Those who abuse methamphetamines or cocaine will mainly have psychological symptoms. At a rehab with a detoxification program, there are proven methods to help drug abuse victims through this difficult time.

How a Certified Detox Program Can Help Drug Abuse Victims

At a certified detox program, patients are first assessed mentally and physically to see what kind of symptoms they’re experiencing or may experience in the future. A medical staff then monitors the person 24 hours a day while providing the individual with different medications that can help regulate the heart and minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. There are also holistic approaches that have been proven to help with the detox process, and it also helps the person learn to live without having to take any type of substances.

If you’re worried about going through withdrawal, allow Recovery in Motion to help. We know how to help drug abuse victims, and we’ll do our best to make your detox as comfortable and safe as possible. Once detox is complete, you can seamlessly transition to addiction treatment where you’ll learn a new way of living. Call Recovery In Motion today at (866) 418-1070 for more information about how we can help.


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