Accidental Pain Pill Addiction and How to Protect and Help Yourself

Seeking Help for a Pain Pill Addiction?

Pain pill addiction is a serious epidemic in the U.S.  Even though it surprises many individuals, heroin addiction is commonly a direct consequence for people who become addicted to painkillers. Pain medication was made to assist those who experience chronic pain but these pills are narcotic medications that can become highly addictive. Many of the people who have a pain pill addiction were all prescribed the medications with good intentions, but they became addicted without even knowing it. Accidental addiction to pain pills is a very common problem, so it’s important that people understand how it happens.

Pain Pill Addiction in America

The United States prescribes more pain pills than any other country in the world. According to an article in 2012, Americans consumed roughly 80% of the world’s pain pills. Looking at this number, it’s no wonder why opioid abuse has become such a problem in the United States.

The situation makes one wonder what other countries are doing to help those who are struggling with chronic pain, but these are solutions that one will find in treatment when they come in for an issue with pain pill addiction. The pills are designed to block the pain receptors in the brain, but the euphoric feeling that comes along with the effects can sometimes trigger an addiction.

Signs of a Progressing Problem with Pain Pills

In order to avoid a full-blown addiction to pain pills, it’s important for people to understand the signs. Whether it’s the person who is taking the pills or the friends and family, everyone should be looking for the potential signs. Some of the questions to ask are:

  • Is the person taking more pills than prescribed on the bottle?
  • Has the person started to see multiple doctors in order to get more prescriptions?
  • Has the person developed a tolerance in which he or she needs a higher dosage?
  • Has the person started purchasing the medications illegally?
  • Is the person experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when he or she runs out of pills?

Seeking Help for a Pain Pill Addiction

Recovery In Motion in Tucson, Arizona has a program that helps people who are struggling with a pain pill addiction. The first step in the treatment process is going through medical detoxification to assist with minimizing the symptoms of withdrawal. Through this process, the person will begin to have a clear mind and feel well enough to begin addiction treatment, which is designed to lead to a new way of living.

Even if you or your loved one is struggling with chronic pain, we’re here to help. There are many affordable programs for dealing with pain, and we want to show you that it’s possible to live a happy, healthy life without the use of pain pills. If you’d like more information about recovery from an addiction to pain pills, call Recovery In Motion today at (866) 418-1070.


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