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Treatment for teens struggling with addiction

Know the Signs of Drug Addiction in Young Adults

Affordable Treatment for Drug Addiction in Young Adults

Young adulthood is a time in one’s life that holds much excitement and promise. Moving out of teenage years and being to live life as an adult means independence and making decisions with the future in mind. But sometimes less than ideal and harmful choices are made. When damaging decisions are made they have immediate consequences that impact day to day life and can even ruin hopes of a promising career. When it comes to drug addiction this reality of bad choices is, unfortunately, the inevitable truth.

Signs of Drug Addiction in Young Adults

As a parent, friend or other loved one of a young adult, you may have concerns that drug addiction may have become an issue. You might be picking up on subtle changes in their behavior and cues toward drug use.

To help determine whether a young adult in your life is becoming stuck in the cycle of dependency, some signs of drug addiction in young adults include:

  • Indifference toward work quality or school grades
  • Bloodshot eyes or frequent use of lubricating eye drops
  • Inappropriate emotional outbursts or laughing without reason
  • Loss of interest in hobbies, sports or favorite activities
  • Poor hygiene and diminished personal appearance
  • Avoidance of communication, interaction or eye contact
  • Frequent hunger, munchies or erratic dietary changes
  • Unusual sleep cycle or unusual tiredness
  • Secretive and elusive behaviors
  • Drastic changes in social connections and behaviors
  • Irresponsibility with time management and money

Taking the Direct Path of Discussing Drug Addiction

If a young adult in your life appears to be going down the path of drug addiction, it’s likely time to sit and have an open and honest conversation about your concerns. The best approach to talking about drug use is to be non-accusatory and instead ask questions with compassion. You already suspect substance abuse, so your goal should be to help define the problem if it exists and come up with solutions together.

To start this open conversation about possible drug use, approach your young adult with a calm, non-accusatory and non-threatening tone of voice and demeanor. Ask straightforward questions to open communication and keep the dialogue going. A first question may be, “Have you been using drugs or alcohol?”

Affordable, Effective Treatment for Drug Addiction in Young Adults

If a young adult in your life is addicted to drugs or alcohol, or you’re a young adult needing treatment, that help for drug addiction is affordable and effective at Recovery in Motion of Tucson, AZ. Young people and others of all ages from all over Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Arizona and even San Diego come to Recovery in Motion to get the help they need.

Through drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment, Recovery in Motion is able to provide guidance and support to help return the hope and promise every young adult should hold. Call Recovery in Motion now at (866) 418-1070 before it’s too late, or before that bright future is lost forever.