My child has a drinking problem – what do I do?

Where Can I Get Help When My Child Has A Drinking Problem?In a survey done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2014, the attitudes among student in 8, 10 and 12th grade were measured. In the last 20 years, there’s been a steady decrease in the use of illegal drugs among young adults and adolescents. While there was no increase in the use of many substances, thousands of teens and young adults continue to experiment with alcohol. In many cases, this experimentation rapidly leads to addiction. Here are some things to consider pursuing if your child has a drinking problem.

First Steps If Your Child Has A Drinking Problem

In many cases, the best first action to take is to host an intervention. The worst thing you can do is enable your child and allow him or her to continue to have access to alcohol or other illicit substances. When it becomes clear that your child is suffering from an addiction to alcohol, intervening as soon as possible is often the best thing to do so that you can begin to work toward sobriety.

Where Can I Get Help When My Child Has A Drinking Problem?

If you have a national health insurance plan, the Affordable Care Act ensures that you’ll be able to reach out for treatment options with at least part of the cost of treatment covered by your insurance. Many times, identifying a treatment center with a family participation program as a part of their treatment options will ensure you have the ability to help your son or daughter stay strong during treatment.

These types of programs offer the added benefit of peace of mind because you’ll be able to see the progress that your child makes while enrolled in treatment. No matter where your child receives treatment, it’s important to be sure that the treatment program revolves around evidence-based techniques.

What Comes After Initial Treatment When My Child Has A Drinking Problem?

Individuals who suffer from addiction at an early age have a long road ahead of them. As a chronic disease, addiction is prone to relapse and will require lifelong monitoring and treatment to ensure continued sobriety. Many teens and young adults who are fighting back against their addiction to alcohol ultimately benefit from adhering to a 12-step program. In many cases, the support network that can be cultivated through a 12-step program is helpful for maintaining sobriety or getting back on the wagon if relapse occurs.

If you’re currently suffering from a drinking crisis, pick up the phone and call (866) 418-1070 today. Rooms are available immediately for residents of Oklahoma, Kansas, San Diego, Arizona, Chicago, or anywhere in the country. Don’t wait to get your child the help he or she needs and give us a call today.


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